Azure & Kills – Quams

2018 has been a laborious one for New Zealand producer Azure and that might be an understatement. Azure’s imprint down streamed into many channels with multitude of releases under Azure, 2XM, as well as running a label, Crooked Lidz. To top it off, Azure closes out the year with another quality EP on Stones Taro’s ‘No Collars 4 Kicks label’ with Kills. ‘Quams’ soul-searching chords, ethereal pads and coastal rhythm section go alone perfectly for sunsets over the ocean. The un-denying warmth of ‘Quams’ is meant to be shared with people you trust and love.

‘Hear You / Quams EP’ is slated for December release with remix duties from Paperkraft and the label man himself, Stones Taro.