Analog Advisory Radio 019: Dim Sum (Apér’House)

Joining Leezy for Analog Advisory Radio 019, is Swiss DJ & Producer Dim Sum. His independently run label, Apér’House, has been steadily growing since releasing two successful VA compilations in 2018. Vol 2 turned out to be quite the success with listeners on Soundcloud, but also more importantly giving 99% of the proceeds to the victims of the devastating earthquakes in Indonesia. Their 3rd release is their first vinyl release, which is planned for early summer featuring a collaboration project with Dim Sum, @horsemen_music (Amsterdam/Berlin), & @nephyewz (Berlin) as Love Ensemble. During the day Dim Sum, goes by Dimitri Ambrosette and attends a hospitality management university in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the ripe old age of 22, he understands that running a label and making a name for yourself is not easy. He’s in it for the long run, gaining followers & fans organically instead of force-feeding people music with intrusive marketing campaigns hoping to get a click or a like. We can tell his mind and heart is in the right place and the potential is limitless for this 22 year old. Be sure to check out the interview as they talk about all the things Apér’House, his time in Indonesia, advice on starting a label, and much more.

For the first portion of the show, we have 3 track premieres from @cassettesforkids (@unittwo), @nbrusegan (@white-deer-records), and @polejamdj (@htdi). Short and sweet this week due to the incredible interview, but these 3 tracks are bangers.

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Dim Sum

Aper House