Analog Advisory Radio 020: DJ WHIPR SNIPR

Nerang Recordings has quickly become a household name in the underground house & techno world. The label has pumped out countless digital releases, VA compilations like the 50+ track ‘Family Affair’ series, and also seven vinyl releases since its birth in 2016. On Nerang’s discography you’ll find an abundance of tracks from talented up-and-coming artists such as DOS, DJ Bowlcut, Tech Support, Grey People, Subjoi, Interplanetary Criminal, and Cassettes For Kids to name a few. The self-run label was started in Gold Coast, Australia by DJ & producer, Christopher Mcivor aka DJ WHIP SNIPR and named after the Gold Coast suburb, Nerang. After having a serious back injury DJ WHIPR SNIPR decided to make the move to Berlin last year in 2018 and naturally he brought his label along with him. Since his move he has taken a different approach for Nerang by throwing a monthly weekday party at Monarch Berlin since November and will be launching another monthly later this month at Beate Uwe. As for DJ WHIPR SNIPR’s productions (we don’t know he finds the time), but you’ll find his latest 2-track release on Australian based label

Whatever DJ WHIP SNIPR does, he goes all-in and is proving to be a great role model for aspiring DIY labels, producers, and DJs alike. Put in the hard work work and stay true to yourself whether it be running a label or throwing parties, the people will take notice and they will come. We are absolutely thrilled to have him on this episode of Analog Advisory Radio for an insightful & inspiring interview and his raw, vibey mix filled with bangers. Do yourself a favor dive in now!


‘Friends of Mine’ EP (CLIPP083)

Nerang Recordings