Analog Advisory Sessions 029: NNY Records

Madrid-based label, NNY Records, is a union of four DJ’s and promoters from different parts of Spain. The four members, Alvaro, Juanki, Maxim, and Raúl have been in the electronic music scene for many years as DJ’s, producers, and promoters. It wasn’t until 2018 that they joined forces and created NNY Records with electro duo Alphacom for their first release, followed by a various artists vinyl release with tracks ranging from deep house to ambient techno. For their third release, Greek producer ITPDWIP (Lobster Theremin/Brokntoys), delivers a seven track mini LP with an unexpected analog sound that oscillates between electro and techno. ‘Industry 4.0’ is full of memorable melodies with an edgy & aggressive touch pleasing to those who enjoy the sounds of the Dutch West Coast. Coming in hot after their last release, NNY Records joins Analog Advisory for a tasty electro mix. Dive in and get familiar now!

NNY Records