Bad_Mix – Future

Lovers Breakfast
Release Date
November 27, 2018

Nørus & Albin operate the Brazilian record label, Yellow Island Records. Yellow Island is pushing the underground dance music scene in Brazil to the forefront by featuring artists within state boundaries such as dj/producer Samuel Malbon aka Bad_Mix from São Paulo. The 2nd offering from Yellow Island is released by Bad_Mix with ‘Lovers Breakfast’ EP. Four track EP includes broken beat tracks like ‘Let Me Stay’ to poignant &heartfelt tracks such as ‘Too Sunny Too Sleep’. Closing track ‘Future’ explores uncertainties and instabilities with the tracks hazy overpinnings and juggling beats. The rough and rugged acid stabs with the bass-heavy low’s round out the track.

Lovers Breakfast EP is available November 27th 2018 via Bandcamp.