Bête Imaginaire – On The Beach

101% Techno
Release Date
December 14, 2018
Listening Blue

Vronsky & Löwen’s Listening Blue label is off-the-cuff with 101% Techno compilation. The fourth edition features submarine techno with Fiend-X, Soma, Bête Imaginaire, контур сс and Vronsky. Bête Imaginaire’s ‘On the Beach’ fuses dubby warehouse techno with heartfelt incisions like raving in a daytime warehouse with sunlight seeking to pierce the blackened windows. The Frenchmen’s superb production is on full display by blending the sound of waves, as white noise in the midst of a rhythmic drive with unadulterated percussion and 4/4 over-driven beats. There is a raw emotive element… a calm before the storm, except you’re well past the calm.

101% Techno EP is slated for release on December 14th 2018 via Bandcamp & Juno.