Chevals – Lights

Better Listen Records out of the District of Columbia is disco-house emphasized label with vinyl only pressings that feature emerging global artists such as Swede Ari Bald, UK’s Cody Currie, and Frenchman Ethyène to name a few. The label’s 8th vinyl release from Parisian Chevals titled, ‘Tokyo 2 Paris’ EP, presents Japanese-inspired disco-house track ‘Lights’ by sampling Minako Yoshida’s 1982 disco-funk tune ‘LIGHT’N UP’ and fusing the modern elements of deep house. ‘Lights’ is an emphatic groover that will elate the dance floor with smiles to be shared all around.

The vinyl is expected to drop December 11th 2017 with additional awesome disco, funk and house edits such as this one titled ‘HOT!’. Total fuegs.