Divagar – Cloud One

Acid Leak EP
Release Date
November 30, 2018
1980 House Recordings

Parisan Divagar, combines the worldwide influences of Acid, House, Disco and Funk with a touch of analog and world samples on his forthcoming release. Acid Leak EP, on 1980 House Recordings features two versatile tracks: ‘Acid Leak’ and soulful house number on‘Cloud One’.

Titular track ‘Acid Leak’, proceeds with summery stabs, occasional bird calls and cheerful vocal loops. As those layers burn into the background, everyone’s favorite squelch on the 303’s come jabbing at the eardrums and dance floors alike. Systematically layered acid basslines and quirky synth that frolics into all out boogie mania. Second track ‘Cloud One’, floats into the clouds with its airy chords. Divagar’s vibes the track with joyous pads, sugary sweet vibraphones and flowing melodic vocals that sound like golden drips of honey cascading from honeycombs. Meshed softly with a light rhythm section, chunky drum loop and a dynamic bassline to lift the groove to the sky. Acid Leak is set for release on November 30th 2018 on Bandcamp.