DJ LIFE – Matrix

Grout EP
Release Date
March 15, 2019
Gestalt Records

Gestalt Records whips up the Estonian label’s 6th installment featuring Australian producer DJ LIFE with ‘Grout EP’. The label shifts direction with DJ LIFE by channeling heavy Magicwire vibes with polished breakbeat and other-worldly melodies that transcend time zones, places and faces… rhythms that are too big for your living room and melodies than surpass dancefloors. ‘Grout EP’ could very well be the upcoming soundtrack for BBC’s Planet Earth 3 for breathtaking wonderments of the world. DJ LIFE brings awe-inspiring feels with his ethereal synths from opening track ‘Bourgeoise’, stunning ‘Spectre’ to closing track ‘Matrix’. ‘Matrix’ is wispy, light and lush with prominent old-school breaks polarized with massive subdued lows and a 303 that rips through the track like a chainsaw.

Out March 15th. Don’t sleep on this one.