DJ Life – Mindreader

Neural Oscillations EP
Release Date
August 23, 2019
Echocentric Records

Australian DJ Life brings his esoteric ambiance on Finnish label, Echocentric Records after impressive string of releases on Gnork’s Blorp Label and Gestalt Records. The 4 track EP titled ‘Neural Oscillations EP’ is a dreamy escapade beginning with ‘Peia’ to the finale on ‘Abduction’. B1 track, ‘Mindreader’, has sub-electro workings with a cunning 303 acid-bassline, heady rhythm section and a celestial synth that hypnotizes a minute into the track. ‘Mindreader’ is formulated with wispy hi-hats, echoing twerps & chirps, schwifty vocal loops for a good psychedelic measure. ‘Mindreader’ is pleasurable, blissful and displays great range of depth with very sound production techniques that will leave you wanting more.

If you enjoyed this lush track, check out emerging label Echocentric for future releases as well as budding talent – DJ Life. Echocentric & DJ Life’s ‘Neural Oscillations EP’ is slated for August 23rd with digital and vinyl.