DJ Windows XP – You Could’ve Seen It Coming

A paradigm shift in music has been occurring from digital to analog (see vinyl records) since 2010. It’s truer in a sense for dance music particularly with the explosion of the Lo-Fi genre. Riddled with ironic DJ names and artistically edited videos on Youtube, Lo-Fi has made a push from House and Techno to Trap since late 2015. It’s 2017 now and warmer, analog sounding production from a bedroom can compete in space with over-produced EDM tracks. DJ Windows XP is no exception with his 2016 underground hit ‘I Cried Last Night’. He comes back with a new EP titled ‘Sometimes I Feel Happy, Sometimes Sad’ on Amsterdam’s – Who’s Susan label. For me, the track ‘You Could’ve Seen It Coming’ is the standout track which collectively builds a cheeky melody with rhythmic hi-hats, drums of the world and 303 acid basslines subdued by the Lo-Fi aesthetic. Lo-Fi bodes extremely well for the gorgeous native acapella since it genuinely gives the vocals a deep-rooted depth. Close your eyes and this track will transport you to a beautiful desert landscape. Maybe Antelope Canyon in Arizona or DeadVlei in Namibia but don’t tell us you didn’t see this one coming.