Eartone – Roads From Another City

From the bays of Palma de Mallorca, Alberto Alba’s production parallels the Balearic mentality with warm, emotive and soulful dance records under alias Eartone. Releasing under Mallorca-based imprint, Sub_urban and Ibizan label ‘Be Adult Music’, Eartone’s Mallorcan melodies showcase on Open Sounds’ 12th release titled OS012 with feel good tune ‘Roads From Another City’. Eartone constructs the tune from gravel-driven Balearic basslines, monotonous claps and stony stabs to sunny spiraling arpeggios, lush keys and a blissful array of euphoric synths. Eartone builds the tune like driving through a treacherous, endless road to finally gasping for the glimpse of the ocean. You made it. You’re relieved. You’re excited. You feel the happiness overcome you with your scenic view of the western Mediterranean.