Fennec – Sunny Chiba

From the Crossroads of America, Fennec debuts ‘So That I May See You Again’ as self-released digital album on Fennec Sounds. Fennec samples an extensive range of influences on his album with ‘Sunny Chiba’ as a prime example. ‘Sunny Chiba’s swingy arraignments with inspirations with blues, funk, hip-hop, and rock overlaid on a vivacious four-to-the-floor beat. These multitude of genres mesh effortlessly into a single unified sound to keep the groove going with its airy chords, bumping bassline and lively samples. Picture those inkblot cartoons from the 1920’s dancing, waving and flailing their rubber hose arms and legs in the air to the joyous vibes of Sunny Chiba.

Full fledged digital release is available July 25th on Fennec Bandcamp!