Foreign Sequence – Last Time Was So Good (Extended Love)

The digital millennium brought decade old questions beginning with acceleration of supercomputers; can robots love? Behind humanoid vocal compositions, communication and dialogue, a mesh network spanning between artificial intelligence are sending and receiving data continuously. French producer, ‘Foreign Sequence’ assess these questions on ‘Last Time Was So Good (Extended Love)’ on Estonian label ‘Gestalt’. The 11 minute track’s eerily haunting signal searches for love with drawn out electro and rhythm section that bounces from satellite to satellite with every note.

‘Repeat Pattern EP’ by Foreign Sequence is digitally released on Gestalt beginning July 20th 2018 with two additional tracks, ‘Trùùm((33rd)’ and ‘Walkd%4-s-t-RE’. Be sure to pick this up for your spacey soundscapes here.