Gloved Hands – Me and Her Together

Californian Gloved Hands complied his debut EP under Washington’s Sound Transitions label titled ‘Signal Flare’. The 6 track EP showcases his innate ability to produce sentimental and yearning feelers that familiarize listeners with retrospective themes of romanticism, acquitted love, solitude and coming-of-age tales. 5th Track, ‘Me and Her Together’, is a haunting beauty that spirals into a pit of what-ifs and regrets. Heart piercing synths, somber leads and ominous kickdrums eerily layered with hollow toms and penetrating hi-hats that shrouds in hazy, melancholic cloud like a ghost from the past. As the track collectively unearths your buried memories of your first infatuation and its shortcomings, sample of Skee-Lo’s, “me and her together Right? So when I asked her out she said I wasn’t her type” loops for a constant reminder of that it wasn’t meant to be… and for the better.