Ilya Santana – Starlight

Starlighter EP
Release Date
March 8, 2019

UK’s Nang Records forthcoming release features Ilya Santana on ‘Starlighter’. The Spaniard channels influence from italo-disco and 80’s synthwave on the 4 track EP which includes instrumental mix and remix duties from Tarantismo and Italo-Disco legend, Rayko. ‘Starlighter’ is a non-stop roller with retro arpeggio’s that motor the track like Ferrari Testarossa drifting corner to corner of Coconut Beach on SEGA’s OutRun. Linda Axelsson’s vocals add bold and adventurous touch as the moody melodies shift like gears shifting when the RPM’s hit the reds.

Be sure to pick up this dancefloor burner on March 8th 2019 worldwide