Jacopo SB – Unreleased

GLOVE 007 - Jacopo SB
Release Date
March 17, 2019
Glove Traxx

Jacopo SB and Glove Traxx, squads up for the lo-fi label’s 7th installment featuring nostalgic feelers and bedroom-house tunes for all your loafing needs. The six-track EP includes deep/raw cuts on ‘Facing Sea’ and ‘Spread Love’ along with ethereal lifts and sensual valleys on tracks ‘District42’ and ‘Rischiare’. ‘Unreleased’ is the 5th track on the EP that channels heartfelt harmonics with driven hi-hats, toms and a punchy kick-drum. The song’s melody paints a landscape of cerulean painted lakes with blankets of flowers and fresh vegetation. Lush pads that makes you melt with your loved one in the shades of spring as if love blooms with it.

Guess this isn’t a bedroom track after all. Enjoy it at all levels…. long road trips or early morning dance sessions or what-have-you. Digital release already available as of March 17th, 2019

Jacopo SB

Glove Traxx