James Brucke – Going Live (UN*DEUX Remix)

Ain't No Woman EP
Release Date
November 2, 2018
1980 House Recordings

Milanese producer, James Brucke debuts on 1980 House Recordings for his first release on the label. Having released on other labels such as Listztomania, Pogo House and Piston Recordings, James brings the heat with this release. Ain’t No Woman EP, is a 5 track release with 2 original mixes and remixes from 1980 House Recordings label boss, Jean Jaques AKA 1980, and French producer UN*DEUX.

The opening track of the release, ‘Going Live (Original Vocal Mix)’, is a dreamy soulful house track with a powerful inspiring female vocal, a captivating melodic xylophone loop that entrances the listener while the airy strings uplift the listeners mood into a euphoric bliss relieving all worries.

Jean Jeaques AKA 1980, takes us down the rabbit hole with his remix of ‘Going Live’, with an uptempo beat and what seems to be a never ending keyboard loop that draws you deeper and deeper into the track until you’re in limbo where you’re all of sudden surrounded by angelic chords and strings to then be snapped out of it by the piercing percussion. Fair warning this track will take you a journey.

UN*DEUX adds a deep house touch to ‘Going Live’, keeping the dreamy and soulful vibes from the original track but adding a groove inducing bassline and fluttery bongos to get the dance floor going.

The final track on the release is ‘She Loves It’, a 90’s New York house inspired track, with its gospel influenced piano chords, garage percussion sequences and a cerebral vocal that makes you feel like your back at Paradise Garage Night club dancing the night away in your starched pleated pants, oversized button down shirt and gold plated oval sunglasses.

Ain’t no woman EP is out on November 2nd, 2018 on 1980 House Recordings Bandcamp