Löwen – Green

Emerge EP
Release Date
March 1, 2019
Listening Blue

Emerge (Verb) – To move out of or away from something and come into view.
• Become apparent, important, prominent
• (Of facts or circumstances) become known

Appear. Develop. Begin are all synonymous with the word ‘Emerge’. To rise into prominence like a rose budding from soil or as daybreak hits the corners of the earth so mankind can see anew or just putting yourself out there and be known. Nothing is more analogous with the word emerge as one of Listening Blue’s stalwarts and co-curator, Löwen, as he emerges from the shadows to the masses with his first full-fledged EP. Listening Blue’s 5th installment is a five-track EP featuring hazy cuts of leftfield techno on ‘Green’ & ‘Impulse Magnet’, vibrant breaks on ‘Prismacolor’, charismatic House tune with ‘Sunday Morning’ and ends with a soulful tone on ‘Tequila Sunrise’. ‘Green’ opens the EP with a lush melody on cavernous kicks, driving rhythm and a weighty undertone. The beats are raw and cold yet ‘Green’ gives a sliver of hope with cozy harmonics harnessing a reflective sensibility and an emotional release… as if you’re bidding your time to shine.

Löwen’s ‘Emerge EP’ slated for March 1st. Be sure to share this with your valentine.