Mall Grab – Ahmad

Few producers propel themselves into stardom from the comfort of their bedroom to the upper echelons of dance music and a very select few get to spearhead a movement. Mall Grab’s productions continue to get heavy rotations from wide spectrum of dance music juggernauts such as Four Tet to Joseph Capriati to Scuba. Hailing from the steel town of Newcastle, Australia, Mall Grab returns with enormous release under Damiano Von Erckert’s AVA records. The four track vinyl EP, ‘I’ll Be In Paris On Sunday If You’re About?’ includes the sensational ‘Ahmad’, with its enchanting jazzy piano loops from ‘Miilkbones – Keep it Real’ fused with Mall Grabs signature subtle bass kicks and persistent hi-hat loops that complement the track. Ahmad is perfect for lounging or to close out sets at 5:30AM just before the sunrise.

Vinyl pre-orders are available starting today. Be sure to cop this record. This will sell out.