Marlon Hoffstadt – Second Track

Marlon Hoffstadt’s sophomoric release titled ‘themes from my future self’ under his personal imprint ‘Midnight Themes’ feature B-side, grand expedition of a tune, Second Track’. The topsy-turvy arrangement and bountiful rhythm section leaves no desire for supplementary layers as each sound is poignantly and perfectly placed. The German carries your spirit like a true journeyman from the depths of the Mariana Trench to the highs of Mount Everest. The rhythm section alludes immaculate claps, deep basslines and emotionally charged synths that reverberate upward to melodic heaven until the track deliberately descends for the stark realization of an end.  If ‘Second Track’ is Marlon’s theme from the future, future forecast is an episodic journey full of euphoric warmth and spiritual optimism.

This beautifully engineered and all-encompassing melter is slated for February 9th 2018 both on digital and vinyl release.