Nikita von Tiraspol & Bad Peus One – Abell 2218

Come Down EP
Release Date
February 18, 2019
Come Down

Newly minted ambient label, Come Down, features two German producers at the helm for the inaugural release. Nikita von Tiraspol & Bad Peus One gathers a dreamy collection of tracks taped onto Cassette for electronic relaxation. Cown Down’s first release is an atmospheric escapade with 25 minutes of stringing abstract ambience on ‘Always Waiting for Tommy Touch’, reverie drowning serenade on B1’s ‘Bubbling Mind’ and natural tranquility on ‘Meditation for A. Rossi’. The Cassette closes on an elevated note with faster tempo, rolling low-ends and a nasty acid bassline on ‘Abell 2218’.

Available as of 18th February 2018 via Discogs exclusive.