Prelud – I’m Coming

Dancin' Tramonto Vol. 3
Release Date
July 5, 2019
Dancin' Tramonto

“After a winter-long hiatus Dancin’ Tramonto comes back with a tasty compilation of new summer-ready tracks mellow deep house, groovy heaters, disco house and a touch of synthfunk from the hands of a bunch of talented producers:

first is a new entry in the roster, GrooveRner, with “Un Bon Moment Sur Chaville”: french piano house with a mind blowing organ solo, mad!

then Malibu’s “Downtown”, dreamy synthwave leads, funky pads and a downtempo break beat, what else do you need to chill?

third comes Samuele De Santis: the Italian “This Is Not” resident and long-term Dusky/Dancin’ friend this time has overcome himself: “Raw Fly”is an old school french-style house banger. A catchy vocal hook, brasses, a mad groove echoing Daft Punk, hands up track!

after that another new entry: Fourways Ensemble with “Petrof Proposal”: a soulful piano house heater ready to rock the floor.

then Hazed and Confucius member Jaeyoung comes back to Dancin’ Tramonto with “Willow”, an instant classic lofi-house banger: if you still love Winona you’ll not be disappointed!

then it’s Prelud time: following his apparition on DTR001 he comes back with “I’m Coming,” chasin’ bass, tight kick, stabs and a powerful vocal hook, you’re locked in.

after Prelud is Francesco TA, the young producer join the fam with “GDep”, a deep lofi house track with a dreamy piano and an amazing pluck, will make you dream.

Last but not least Alex R “In The Middle”: Alex comes back to Dancing Tramonto with his mellow, moody and dreamy well known style of deep house. ‘Cause sometimes it rains in summer also.” – Dancin’ Tramonto