DJ Legwarmer & DJ Spielberg – Bal Hwa (發火)

With the underground dance music scene steadily growing in South Korea, Korean based Lo-Fi label, Hazed & Confucius, continues to mold the underground sound in Seoul. The crew finishes off the year with their 2nd V/A compilation, HZDFC VA.2. Hazed & Confucius producers Anchore, DJ Bowlcut, and Jae Young appear on VA.2 along with first timers MONIKA, KAZUHO (Remedy/Tokyo), Di Barsotti (Novaj/Paris), Pepe Elle (Aurore 404/Paris) & DJ legwarmer + DJ Spielberg (No, She Doesn’t/Lisbon). Portuguese label heads of ‘No, She Doesn’t’ had a successful 2018 with their NSD001 compilation and notable dancefloor anthems such as ‘Useful Powder’. DJ legwarmer & DJ Spielberg start the Hazed & Confucius compilation with track ‘Bal Hwa (發火)’ reminiscing their journey to Seoul, Korea. The clangy percussion, steady bassline and continuous piano loop heartbeats the track like the busy streets of Itaewon until ‘Bal Hwa (發火)’ reaches its high point with a beautiful piano solo placing us upon the dancefloors of Pistl as the free-flowing soju engulfs you and your friends into the morning light.

HZDCFC VA.2 is available now on Bandcamp.