Radial Delays – Metronom

Lost Signals Vol. 1
Release Date
April 25, 2019

A group of international scientists, specializing in sound, have been deciphering signals coming from a black hole, located next to the Mars-satellite “Phobos”. It turns out the cipher contains 11 tracks of audio files. It is suggested the signals were sent by Soviet scientists, during a secret 1986 expedition, in which they were to study the horizon of events inside a black hole; a mission from which they never returned. The audio files were recorded in various formats, among others on 20 exclusive cassette tapes, by the secret “Mystictrax” station somewhere in Chernobyl. The cassette holders automatically receives digital copies of the release. “We are sure that these records hide many more mysteries, and we want all of humanity to take part in solving it” – said a senior station employee. You can listen to the audio signals from the “five-dimensional world”.” – Mystictrax