Rai Scott – This Experience

Planet Mercury EP
Release Date
October 25, 2019
Echocentric Records

“The title track hits the ground running with a heavy bass line and strong undercurrent of hypnotic percussion. The track floats in a space where a hazy dream narrowly avoids shifting into something much darker…

This Experience continues the theme by weaving soft bouncy bass tones with melodic tingles into a lush pulsating sonic texture. This is trademark Rai Scott, a sound that instantly warms the heart and soothes the mind.

Ultravizion’s remix adds even more layers. His DJ friendly approach explores further into the liquid dream space.

The EP comes to a close with Deeprhythms version of the title track. Space-echo soaked chords and lush percussion retaining the melancholy of the original while going for a more laid-back vibe.

Rai Scott is an Edinburgh based producer, performer, DJ, musician & lifelong music student. Her sound is best with the tags deep atmospheric house, ambient dub, deep techno & dreamy ambient landscapes. She collaborates as 2DeepSoul and co-owns the label Inner Shift Music with Brad Peterson.

“Planet Mercury EP” is released in digItal formats on October 18th.Echocentric Records is a Finnish label run by Timo Rotonen aka @deeprhythms releasing lush & dreamy electronic music.” – Echocentric Records