Ruff Stuff – Brave

Feel Doog EP
Release Date
December 21, 2018

Esuoh is House in reverse. Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time or if you were too fucked listening to heaters from Ruff Stuff’s forthcoming release. The Majorcan label’s 6th installment features the Italian-duo on ‘Feel Doog EP’ with 3 original tracks and a remix by Detroit Legend, Gari Romalis. ‘Feel Doog EP’ is thumping the soundwaves full throttle with tracks such as ‘Brave’. ‘Brave’ brings the heat with high NRG/rave-ready stabs and fiery drum patterns like a flaming onion volcano on a hibachi grill with a loony teppanyaki chef intensely beating the grill to the beat with his metal spatula.

Scheduled to release on December 21th 2018. Certified Hot-N-Ready.