Sam Stosuur – Siren Song

Seeds EP
Release Date
November 21, 2018

Sam Stosuur, Brisbane based Producer/DJ, delivers his second creatively crafted EP on fellow Brisbanite label, Pocketmoth. After releasing his debut solo EP, ‘Dunlop Molley’, on Beats of No Nation in August 2018, Sam pushes the envelope with a beautiful jazzy, hip-hop infused house EP.

The EP opens up with a lighthearted intro with playful references to his debut EP. While a chill loop of warm keys and filtered bongos play in the background. Following the intro is the second track, Used 2 B. A psychedelic groove laden jazz house track. Which keeps you in anticipation throughout the whole track with its cerebral build up. As you wait for the drop, the track continues building with its reverberated vocal, looped filtered bassline and keys that scale the keyboard to infinity. Truly a masterpiece.

Im Real, the third track, is a loungy Hip-Hop Jazz House track. Opening with Sam’s signature warm keyboard chords, the track is livened up by the call and responses of the Hip-Hop vocal. As the beat kicks in, the hi-hats trickel like raindrops. While the keyboard keys take you on a nice little ride through Utopia.

Siren Song is sort of an interlude for the EP. Its a chilled out acid house track with looped vocals, sharp breaks beats and that classic acid bassline sequence. Sam does a great job of meshing of genres in this track.

Seeds featuring vocalist and composer, Merinda Dias-Jayasinha, is a soothing yet dissorienting track. While Merinda’s angelic vocals leave you at ease, Sam’s warped pitched bent melodics seem like they are bending the reality around you. Feeling like there’s no where to go, you let Merindas vocals guide you through the track, only to be dragged into the downward spirals of the notes. It’s a constant battle between the two but as soon as the song ends, your safe right where you were. Just like you woke up from a dream.

The final track of the song is Raindrop. Starting off with a massive upbeat kick drum. This techno influenced track infuses afro-beats, echo filtered keys, and a dissonant bassline. Once again Sam has done it. He’s created a wonderful EP that showcases his creativity and skills as a musician. Seeds is out now, November 21st, on Pocketmoth’s Bandcamp.