Skee Mask – Dial 274

Zenker brothers helm one of techno’s prolific underground labels out of the Bavarian capital of Munich – Ilian Tape. Home to a network of forward-thinking artists across the globe, Ilian Tape released essential tracks that are positively received from critics, artists and fans alike with an umbrella set of releases from Objekt, Laksa, Andrea and Skee Mask. You might have heard the latter’s work under a different moniker as SCNTST with Berlin based Boys Noize Records but Bryan Muller leaves his ambient techno and melodic downtempo realm for his Skee Mask project with sounds ranging from breakbeat techno, electronica, jungle and IDM. ‘Dial 274’ is one of many carefully crafted tracks from his masterwork LP release ‘Compro’. The alarming machine of a tune generates an assembly line of Doppler effects on layers of factory-grinding synths, metallic growls and industrial breakbeat that leaves the listener in a frantic state of hysteria.

Skee Mask’s Compro LP is fully released as of May 15th 2018. Vinyl release is due for a re-press but digital is available here. Do not miss out on one of the best electronic albums of the 2018.

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