Tom Jarmey – Workout

Freshly-minted Scottish label, Unit Two Records, scorches the 2018 underground dance scene with a certified scorcher of a V/A compilation titled Unit Traxx Vol 1. Unit Two turn heads and open ears for a colossal introduction to the space by compounding wide variety of talent featuring artists: Tilman, Lemin, Kerinnis, DJ Oakland, Ceòl, DJ Safeword, Togethrs, Tom Jarmey, Eoin R, Mark Blair, J Wax, Popka and 1-800 Girls. Marlborough-based producer, Tom Jarmey, brings his heterogeneous talent to the compilation with rave roller ‘Workout’. After releasing 2018 summer anthem with Beach Jazz, Tom Jarmey opts for an energetic stomper like a locomotive pummeling through the countryside. Tom uses cheeky piano lines and rolling metallic basslines like coupling rods on a train to simultaneously engine the track. Coupled with enraptured vocals and pulsating lows, ‘Workout’ is a dancefloor heat-check meant for pinnacle moments of the night.

All Bandcamp profits from this release will be donated to Staffordshire Rescue Scotland. If you love Doggo’s, pick up the compilation. Available September 15th 2018.