VCF – Breadkrumz EP

Bay Area native Ricky Tinez career spans for 5 years with couplet of EPs under SF based Something Else and Rhythm District Records in Los Angeles. Ricky Tinez forthcoming debut EP under his ‘VCF’ alias is titled, ‘BreadKrumz’ on Low Recordings. Breadkrumz EP is heavily influenced by drum and synth machines and features a collection of 4 tracks spanning soundscapes from the deep & dubby on ‘J05’ to fiery remix from Cromie on ‘E06’. Opening sequence sets the tone of the EP with wonky and leftfield deep track ‘J05’. If you’re familiar with artists such as Frits Wentink, this is the type of track for you. The analog samples wobbles through the track like drunken cartoon characters from the 1930’s out pacing the frames per second. On top of the robust loops, ‘J05’ is layered with warm pads, a deep bassline that provide a necessary groove as well as beat grids & reverbs stabbing through the track to keep you on your toes. On Following track ‘E06’, VCF opens up the vibe of the EP with airy notes and guitar licks. Drum machines that is sequenced to stroll and lingering chord progressions make ‘E06’ seemingly perfect for daytime pulse of Los Angeles. Titular track ‘BreadKrumz (Ebo Keys)’ begin with stony kick drums and mechanically crisp hi-hats that motor the track until the Jazz-laden piano loops provide contrasting warmth and elegance. VCF showcases his ability to create an ambience as the piano descends like raindrops falling on a windowsill. Final closing track, E06 (Cromie remix) flips the script with squawking 130 bpm of raw energy with elements of a deep techy roller. ‘BreadKrumz’ is slated for release on Low Recordings sophomoric release on March 18th 2020. Available on cassette & digital formats. —Peter Chung, Co-Founder of Analog Advisory
E06 (Cromie Remix)
Final Score