Westcoast Goddess – No One Has 2 Know

Westcoast Goddess bursts onto the scene from the tail end of 2017 into 2018 by releasing under Omena Records for ‘Springtime Forever EP’. ‘No One Has 2 Know’ is a soulfully swelter of a house tune with a touch of contemporary lo-fi that pays respects to the vintage sounds of soulful Chicago Deep House from the 90’s. The snazzy piano loop grooves throughout the colorful track like a refreshing breeze on a hot summers day. The blistering warm, Joy Division-esque, synth leisurely showers you with rays of sunshine as the vocals sermonize to the choir. Good music is great to listen too but great music has the ability to transport and move you cerebrally, spiritually and/or emotionally. Westcoast Goddess definitively transports you into a simpler and happier time… viewed through coral-colored shades with rose tint and vanilla ice cream that gradually melt down your fingers.

Available now! Digital release here. The vinyl release is slated for January 12th 2018!