AKUMEN – Came To Jack

Resident Angelino, AKUMEN, curates his monthly Chinatown Sessions at General Lee’s Cocktail bar in the famed LA’s Chinatown Central Plaza on Gin Ling Way. The parties feature emerging locales highlighting the finest of leftfield, lo-fi, deep, techno, disco and funk has to offer whilst producing floor fillers. His recent self-released EP titled ‘Stress // Relief’ came to the masses on July 30th 2018 featuring house tracks with realms in deep, tech, acid as well as a glitch-y LA bass tune. ‘Came To Jack’ harness the vibe of the grime, the energy and the unapologetic behavior of the Los Angeles underground party scene. Rave-ready ‘Came To Jack’ features relentless acid basslines, hostile hi-hats loops, floor stomping kicks and a catchy hook in tune for LA warehouses and beyond.

‘Stress // Relief’ EP is available as a digital release on Bandcamp and streaming on Spotify. Get your copy now.

Check out his killer guest mix and his upcoming Chinatown Sessions show for tonight 8/9/2018 @ General Lee’s in Chinatown Central Plaza in Los Angeles.