Alfredo Avila – Classico

Classico EP is the latest release from Alfredo Avila, 19 year old producer from Meridia, Mexico, a city on the Yucatan peninsula, where he’s been making music since the age of 16. After years of Djing in Mexico’s house club scene, Alfredo is set to release a number of EP’s on emerging house record labels. This EP host two classic house cuts that can be attributed to his downtempo roots and Kerri Chandler influenced DJ sets.

The first track on the release is ‘Classico’, a sample based classic house cut with an upbeat lounge aesthetic. Opening up with hard hitting four to the floor drums, they’re balanced out with floaty jazz-laden piano chords. As the track builds a filtered male vocal sample brings you back to those old school house days tied together with a resonate brass section.

The second track is ‘Mi Swing’, a partial dilution of the EP’s Jazzier opening track, with swingy melodics, lifting rhytmics and a slow burning bassline that keeps the track going. This EP with its four to the floor rhythms and smooth melodics will satiate those classic house cravings.

The EP is out now on 1980 House Recordings on their Bandcamp.