Analog Advisory Radio 018: DJ Spielberg

Hugo Barão is a Portuguese based DJ & producer who runs the carefree & fun-loving Lo-Fi label No, She Doesn’t with 4 of his closest friends. As a collective of 4 DJ’s and a creative artist, they aim to enrich the underground dance music scene in Lisbon by not only just by creating music, but also throwing parties where everyone is safe & welcome to be their true self. 2018 was a solid year for the No, She Doesn’t label & movement and they hope to release DJ Legwarmer’s EP by May of this year. As DJ Spielberg, Hugo is a very meticulous producer that takes the quality over quantity approach, with major influences from the productions of DJ Ciderman. Like Ciderman, DJ Spielberg will effortlessly get your body moving with the funk & groove laced on his tracks.

Tune in for the guest interview with DJ Spielberg for the 2nd portion of the show as we talk about all things No, She Doesn’t, his main gig as a family doctor, bodyboarding, and even @DenisSulta! Following the chat, DJ Spielberg’s 1 hour guest mix will take you on a journey from Portugal’s rolling hills & valleys in the north, to the stunning southern coastline & countryside in Lagos, and to the diverse & artsy neighborhoods in Lisbon. Sit back and enjoy this introspective mix with hazy & warm selections of leftfield house, techno, and breaks.

Join @leezyduzit for the first 45 minutes as he features track premieres on @gestaltlabel, @KaisekiDigital, @TooRough4radio, @PiffTraxx, @DistantValleyRecordings, @AlleyVersion, and @MajorLeagueHouse. New music from @csh_beats, @mares-de-sol, @KushLima, @elVickyRodriguez, @DJPanthr, @beatsbydalton, and @NastyBoyHouse