Analog Advisory Sessions 012: Azure

Azure has been one of our favorite producers here at Analog Advisory, so naturally we asked to do a mix for us. Liam Murray is a Christchurch, New Zealand native and also runs the label Crooked Lidz. The 4-artist label & collective perform as a live collaborative house and techno project, where they perform unique improvised sets, made up of a unique blend of synths, drum machines, samplers and live vocals, that feed directly from the audience’s energy. Liam was brought up with a jazz background playing vibraphone & percussion/drums in high school along with Benjamin Murray, giving birth to the 2XM project in 2016. As a producer, Liam started off with making hip-hop beats and after studying 2 years of audio engineering has been steadily developing his sound. His jazzy & hip-hop background definitely translates well into smooth, jazzy, and warm productions. He’s a great musician and a hard-working one to say the least having released numerous tracks on labels such as @dreamrawrecordings, @thenailshop, @blaq-numbers, @slothboogie, and his own label @crooked-lidz. Not to mention playing alongside big acts such as @Folamour & @ChaosintheCBD Liam has played a large role in enriching the underground dance community of his home bringing together like-minded artists in Christchurch with his label and performances. The future is bright for this dude and his potential is limitless, so we look forward to seeing him grow and perfecting his sound. Liam throws a curveball at us with his self-titled ‘Nasty Mix” throwin’ down 130 bpm UK garage vibes at us. It’s deep, high-energy, and definitely a fun one. Alright, enough with the words, its time to get acquainted. Analog Advisory proudly presents…Azure!