Analog Advisory Sessions 017: Albin

Flávio Albino aka Albin is a Rio de Janeiro-based DJ, producer, and label head of Brazilian imprint Yellow Island Records. Having a strong passion for music as a drummer since childhood, Albin eventually fell in love with electronic music in 2007. Dating back from 2010 Albin has been an innovator in the thriving Brazilian electronic music scene organizing parties & club nights throughout Brazil with numerous collectives such as Masterplano, 101Ø, Arruaça, and Goma Recordings. He is an activist for independent dance music in Brazil and continues to cultivate the scene, paving the way for the future generations of aspiring DJs, producers, and collectives. Aside from Yellow island and contributing to aforementioned collectives, you’ll find Flávio on Guadalajara-based ‘Internet Public Radio’ where he holds down a residency and features underground DJs & producers from around the world from the likes of Soela (Lost Palms) and Paul P. (Dispatch Agency). We look forward to his future endeavors and what may seem like a long journey so far, we feel like this is just the beginning for this promising & talented Brazilian. Analog Advisory proudly presents, Albin!


Yellow Island Records