C Power – Carmen

Redirections Vol. 1
Release Date
April 17, 2020
Sorry Records

“The C Powers sound is informed by years spent building electronics and collecting records in Chicago, honing crowd control skills in the foggy clubs of London, and helping foster a small yet respected community in the marshes of Savannah GA. Cici began their dj career at age 11 when they finally had saved enough allowance for a set of GLI decks and mixer that came bundled with a sampler. Their current sets often make full use 3 decks in order to toy with the notions of the “sampled” and the “live”. While residing back in their home state of Georgia, Cici was holding resident DJ posts at Atlanta’s HUNGER club night (with the esteemed TWINS) and their own Cape Fear in Savannah GA (initially founded with SafeSound). C was also the resident DJ for Savannah’s own legendary and trashy House Of Gunt performance group who create cross sensory stimulation experiences involving gender blasting action and choreography and also brought in many talented selectors to their MIX events. C has been around.

Sorry Records is a Brooklyn based record label putting out beloved dance and pop music worldwide. Our recent release from Tony G and MoMa Ready was praised by Andrew Ryce in Resident Advisor as “anything-goes house” from “one of a few young New York producers doing new things with classic house.” Previous releases have seen support from Boiler Room, Mixmag, Inverted Audio, Hyponik, Les Yeux Orange, Le Mellotron, Definite Party Material, Moskalus, PalmStructure, Sound Transitions and more.” – Sorry Records