Cassettes For Kids – All Thats Inside Me

Cassettes for Kids exemplifies a greater influx of high quality tunes from the Australian coastlines with his forthcoming EP titled ‘I Know’ on Sydney’s Finer Things Records. This Melbournian is no stranger to floor-filler deep house with proper tunes released on labels like Nerang, Bon Appetit, Tiger Tapes and to name a few but takes immense steps forward with ‘I Know EP’. Third and closing track, ‘All that’s inside me’ is tuned for the clubs with prominent grooves on the bassline, shimmering arpeggios, and crisp hi-hats that work as engines to keep you dancing through the night. Exquisitely layered with spacey chords to get lost to and reverberating vocal loops that cut in and out of the track like club lights intermittently flickering onto the heads and abled bodies on the dance floor.