Collin Sullivan – Chromatic Dispersion

AFIN Various Artists EP
Release Date
April 1, 2019
A Friend In Need

German electro label, A Friend in Need, has taken 2019 by storm with wave after wave of top shelf electro. The forthcoming release on the Leipzig label comes in a various artist format featuring Sound Synthesis, Lootbeg, The Workers New Club, Varum & Sua Locin, and Collin Sullivan. Collin Sullivan’s ‘Chromatic Dispersion’ is a gnarly electro track with an array of synths stabbing at the linearity of time with prismatic textures and passageway of harmonics as if you are traveling through some neo-punk U-Bahn. ‘Chromatic Dispersion’ is structured with a barrage of booty-popping bass that makes the feet dance in a rhythmic overdrive.

Releases from ‘A Friend In Need’ are for fiends indeed. Once you have a taste of the label you just gotta have more. Digital copy released April 1st 2019 via Bandcamp.

Collin Sullivan

A friend in need