Denis Sulta – Our World (With A Boy On Its Shoulders)

Denis Sulta returns with a brand new EP on his own imprint – Sulta Selects with Our World /Aur World. Headlining track, Our World (With A Boy On Its Shoulders), masterfully strips the vocal sample and uses the melody to push the track. His signature sharp, resonance synths continue to naturally build the tension while layering with beautiful bird chirps and echoes of the jungle. B-side Aur World is a club friendlier version of Our World – tuned for the dark and dingy nightclubs worldwide without the tribal vocals, and thicker underlying basslines. The release is slated for a spooky release on 10/31/17.

Also, the Scottish DJ will bring his talents to San Diego’s bi-annual CRSSD fest during fall on September 30th 2017 to October 1st 2017.