DJ PANTHR – Echolight

Portland based Infinity Trax debuts with DJ PANTHR’s album titled ‘Planet X’. DJ PANTHR’s eleven celestial tunes orbit through nebulous soundscapes for interplanetary transmission with tracks such as Echolight, FMshift, GRVTY & Parsec to name a few. ‘Echolight’ is a 5 minute melodic journey that begin with saturated undertones and springy yet dense basslines. DJ PANTHR textures the tune with fluttering wisps like intermittent solar flares, crunchy claps, and rolling astro-synths that sound as if it’s radiating through the molecular cloud. All these elements converge to uniformly illuminate across the entire surface of Planet X.

Enjoy this ethereal release with a limited edition cassette of 20 available on August 3rd 2018 along with digital release available on their bandcamp.