Foamek – Marshside

When Jake Davis is not running his weekly mix series – ‘Lowpass Airport Jupiter’ on Vandelay Radio, he’s been cranking out lo-fi house & techno under alias Foamek. Releasing under lo-fi heavyweight imprints such as Nerang, PalmStructure and recently on New York’s Haus of Altr, Foamek compounds additional catalog to his name with ‘Radar Ruins’ on Youngbloods. Foamek’s Youngbloods release is his most important yet as he showcases his ability to produce multi-genre with dips in the realms of downtempo, breaks, IDM, ambient. His versatility is on full display with 3rd track, ‘Marshside’. ‘Marshside’s dreamy chords and innocent melodies sound like self-serve ice cream tenderly melting onto your fingers as shades of light try to illuminate through the tops of trees. Electromagnetic basslines sprinkled with hollow garage breaks beautifully compliments ‘Marshside’ with an overabundance of charm. Prepare for the journey.

This colorful Youngbloods release is slated for September 14th 2018 on digital. Buy here.

@foamekofficial (Monday 5:00PM – 7:00 PM EST)