LUZ1E – Sonic Measurements

Return of the Ghetto
Release Date
September 1, 2019
Ghetto Traxx

DIY V.A. only label, Ghetto Traxx, make their debut with ‘Return of the Ghetto’. Ghetto Traxx was founded by best friends who grew tired of the increasing elitism and gatekeeping they faced year after year while paying their dues in the scene. They strive for inclusivity, diversity, and bringing back the old school sound. No bullshit here, just pure bangers for a “level 99999” rave night, with real heads from all walks of life.

If you crave raw breakbeat and heavy hitting electro, their freshman release will not disappoint. ‘Return of the Ghetto’ is pure heat from Bielefeld Murder Boys, Flood, and LUZ1E.

The eclectic Frankfurt based DJ & producer, LUZ1E, most known for her soulful NY house sound has made a name for herself in the realms of fast paced breaks and techno. Having released on Lobster Theremin with a hard hitting electro EP last year and her highly successful, stompy 90’s house vibe UGONGETIT release in 2017, she steps up to the challenge and delivers a heavy electro banger for Ghetto Traxx. Luz1e’s ‘Sonic Measurements’ is a wild ride, so get ready to rave.

‘Return of the Ghetto’ is available now on vinyl & digital via Bandcamp.