MarBlu – Waiting (ft. Charley Jones)

The Blue Sea EP
Release Date
March 22, 2019
Hopera Records

Hopera Records continue their mission by releasing deep and gorgeous music with labels unison with MarBlu. MarBlu made his presence known with his lush keys and jazzy state-of-mind on 2018’s summer hit with Tom Jarmey on ‘Beach Jazz’. With a fresh release from Poolside Records, MarBlu’s sensual touch is on full display as the producer collaborates with Hopera Records on ‘Blue Sea EP’. The ‘Blue Sea EP’ is a framework of MarBlu’s production as the two-track EP gently massages every surface of the eardrum using elements of house, jazz, soul and underpinnings of rhythm and blues for all your listening pleasures. ‘Waiting’ features the silky-smooth Charley Jones on vocals with marbled melodies, honey-dripping synths and a sweltering bassline… perfect for nautical sports in crystal clear waters, roasting tanning sessions, convertibles car rides on the coastline and late-night cocktail hour… every hour.

Slated for March 22nd, 2019 for upcoming beach days and holidays at Hopera Records Bandcamp.


Hopera Records