Nasty Boy – Get Up

Parallel Journeys
Release Date
January 15, 2019
Alley Versions

Alley Version is releasing a split EP with Nasty Boy & FLML on ‘Parallel Journeys’ for the label’s third installment. Nasty Boy’s silky chords, plump bass, and retrofitted synth’s initiates the EP on a cautiously optimistic track ‘Get Up’. With a heartfelt build, soft pedaled hi-hats and ‘Get Up’s lovely lines, Nasty Boy brings forth a sense of serenity as the EP starts to turn up the heat with the Italian producers second track ‘Touching the Void’ followed by FLML’s ‘Oblivion Street’ and ‘Bouncy Dream’.

Pressed on wax. Available January 15th 2019 via Bordello A Pairigi