POLEJAM – Back When

Release Date
February 8, 2019

Dutch producer POLEJAM kicks off 2019 with his debut EP on Boston, Massachusetts label, hadtodoit records. This vinyl-only label with previous releases from Lo-Fi house staples, Slim Hustla & DOS, continues their hazy & nostalgia inducing sound with their third release from POLEJAM. Lead track, ‘Regular’, warms you up with a steady 4 to the floor beat, melodic synth loop and hypnotizing vocal sample, giving it a crisp and groovy feel. The third track ‘LES’ has a 90’s sitcom theme song vibe. As you reminisce about the 90’s with its emotional piano & guitar riff loop, POLEJAM shows off his sense of rhythm with an afro percussion breakdown towards the end of the track. Feature track, ‘Back When’ takes you back to simpler times of getting faded and skateboarding with your friends till the late night hours. The pulsating synth loop and punchy bassline give you a sense of time travel. Accompanied by various synth percussions ‘Back When’ has a nice groove helping you navigate through your flashback to those simple and great times.

Slated for an early February release through Lobster Distribution. Pre-order available, January 18th via Bandcamp and various online record stores.