Ramenzoni – Solúvel

Estado Sólido EP
Release Date
June 29, 2019
Metanol FM

“On their 3rd authoral statement, the São Paulo based collective Metanol FM welcomes the youngsta Ramenzoni, a 19 years old hidden gem from Brazil’s electronic music local scene. Inspired by the mid 80’s to 90’s raw analog production, the talented producer explores the estructures of acid, house and electro with breakbeat infused sonority on “Estado Sólido”, his first solo EP. 

Rocking drum machines, samplers and hardware gear into the carving of syncopated headbanger tunes, Ramenzoni collect experience with passage by the Red Bull Music Academy Festival São Paulo, as well as a co-founder of the digital label Interplanetário Records and artist related to Caixa Esquerda crew. Melding fast drums, flipped pads and chopped voices to create an eternal feedback into avid minds, his music can be described as a fresh air echoing from a deep dark cave, moving bodies on live performances and straight-to-tape jams.” – Metanol FM