REES – Tonight

Within the past year, Adam Rees has been hustling and bustling by writing for one of the premiere publications, Bolting Bits, as well as churning disco-laden belters under Rees. Releasing on various compilations under labels such as Apér’House, WaxBox, Routine Espresso and JellyRed, Rees debuts his first full-fledged EP appropriately titled ‘DISCO EP’ under American imprint Tiger Tapes. ‘Tonight’ closes on an early 80’s-age discothèque jams suitable for roller rinks and sweat-soaked dancefloors alike. Fuzzy, vintage vox that low-pass filters between the verse and chorus like polyurethane wheels weaving in and out of roller traffic. Rees uses a bulky kickdrum quantized for modern outings and samples guitar licks lingering the track like a ghost basking in former glory of an era.

The 4 track EP encompasses the Soul Train-esque track ‘Be Yourself’, Frenchy disco-house number on ‘Find Me’, and jubilating ‘Into Love’. Skate your way to Tiger Tapes bandcamp for the release on August 8th 2018 on both digital platform and Limited edition cassettes.