St. David – House Of Universe EP Review

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Italian producer, DJ, and founder of Theory Of Swing Records, St. David, makes his way onto French label Happiness Therapy’s 8th release. Known for his 90’s powerhouse productions, St. David infuses disco, jazz, and classic drums to create his groovy classic house sound. Having released on renowned labels such as, Let’s Play House, Unknown Chicago, and Frole Recs. St. David brings his American House inspired sound to Happiness Therapy’s latest release, House Of Universe. This five-track EP creates a 90’s house focal point with its heavy percussion forward rhythms, deep jazz style bass lines, and classic house synth lines. Opening the EP is Nites Into Dreams, a heavy pulsating house track driven by its bumping percussion, buttery bass lines, and balance out with its light and airy keys. Interplanetar Solar follows with St. David’s signature bumping kicks, forward driving bass lines, and hypnotic synth chords giving it that interplanetary feel. Next up is Control, one of the heaviest tracks on the release with its industrial kick, psychedelic synths, and haunting vocals, making it a perfect warehouse track. Lightening up the mood is I Can Feel It, an uplifting jazz house track with swing style bass lines, classic house chords, and vibey flute melodics. Closing out the EP is Rydm Sectors Mix of I Can Feel It, giving it a deep raw house spin making it a perfect closing track. House Of Universe will be released on digital and vinyl on February 2021 on Happiness Therapy, so look no further for your 90’s house fix
Nites Into Dreams
Interplanetar Solar
I Can Feel It
I Can Feel It (Rydm Sectors Remix)
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